Bodhicitta was shown and awarded honorable mention at The Eye of the Beholder Film Festival. 2002

Bodhi means "awakening" or "enlightenment". Citta is derived from the Sanskrit root cit, and denotes "that which is conscious" – mind or consciousness.

Design Work
I worked with The Rebelles Burlesques in their show "Nothing Is Sacred". 2006. I created these three dream sequences that were featured in the storyline of the stage production. The dreams were projected and accompanied by a live band. I used the song Halcyon & On by Orbital on the first two dreams to find a rhythm to the editing.

"Opium Den", a stop motion music video produced by Foul Mouth Jerk and myself for the song "Opium Den" off his album "Death By Misadventure". We wrote, storyboarded, designed, constructed the sets, and shot the entire project between the two of us and I handled the editing. Music Video Asheville 2015 nominated us for three of their five categories, Best Editing, Best Costumes and Best Visual Design. "Opium Den" was awarded Best Visual Design. TWO sequels are in the works for 2016!

"I Had a Dream"

a music video I produced for BRYCON and Standards of Excellence Music.


There's more collaborations with BRYCON to be anticipated in 2016!

OPIUM DENN - Demarkation

Artists International, Inc. chose me to collaborate with their artist OPIUM DENN on a 37-minute concept record with 9 sequential videos that tell the story of a life from birth to death…and back again. OPIUM DENN supplied the script then I was able to complete the first four videos myself in 13 months. 2015

OPIUM DENN - Demarkation - I Am a Feeling #1 - Episode #1
OPIUM DENN - Demarkation - Leaf - Episode #2
OPIUM DENN - Demarkation - So Many Faces - Episode #3
OPIUM DENN - Demarkation - A Drone - Episode #4



Get the scoop on JERK

It is the story of R. Hero (Robert Hero) and his emotional and intellectual odyssey to find meaning from birth to death and back again! R. Hero could have been a male or female, from any walk of life, from any place… He is an idiomatic man. All he knows is that he exists…and that he is conscious… He is feeling sensations and experiencing feelings in a place of dense matter…
R. Hero reflects upon his warm upbringing by a loving Mother and a strong Father. He is thoughtful and is fond of his memories. He is a single man, and a bit lonely as he has not found a partner... A partner is something that he has longed for his entire life. He does not know why he has this longing... but never-the-less it is there, despite his intellectual attempts to reason it away. R. Hero (Robert B. Hero) is successful. He is no fool to the workings of business. However, he feels a bit naïve about relationships at this point in his early life...
R. Hero finds himself among many… The many personalities and energies of this world are all around him. The images he perceives tell of a past as well as foreshadow the future. There is a murky sense that this will be a rough, erotic, but exciting adventure… Though he often feels alone, he understandings that he is part of a greater whole and that all things and personalities are somehow connected in this place of dense matter...
R. Hero, our introverted and sensitive figure, in his normal reflective and contemplative state is at his local watering hole, attempts to fit in and seeks some interaction with others to perhaps fill his subtle longing for understanding, compassion and love. Robert notices a very, very attractive female named Bar-Bee who is unfortunately accompanied by party-boy, Ken-O. The attraction is instantaneous. Shortly thereafter, the Bar-Bee and Ken-O depart, only to have Bar-Bee come back into the establishment in tears. R. Hero comforts her and she leads him to her apartment…