As a contemporary digital artist, I incorporate both traditional painting and drawing techniques with graphic design tools and the latest creative digital technology.

While pursuing my bachelor's degree from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD, I studied drawing
and painting as a fine art student in the late 90’s. Halfway through my college career I was involved in an accident that resulted in paralysis of my dominant right hand. I worked diligently to become left handed. The process was a frustrating one, but that experience led me to experiment with digital media in a new approach at expressing myself.

In 1997 an Apple computer and Adobe software exposed me to the limitless creative possibilities of digital art. Photoshop changed my world as it enabled me to collage the elements of my fine art training and these exciting new design tools. Most recently I began digitally painting on a Wacom Cintiq 22HD tablet. The brushstrokes my stylus creates on the surface of that tablet have been the ultimate culmination of my traditional oil painter training and digital tools and techniques.

When the internet began to find it’s way into our daily lives at the end of the last decade, I saw it as a possibilty for digital art to thrive within its own environment and reach a world wide audience. That was over 15 years ago and now I see the world viewing art digitally more than ever. I am exposed to and enjoy new artists thru the screens of my computer and iPhone far more often then I do in a gallery. My peers are sharing what they see and do on Facebook and Instagram far before we are viewing a physical painting. I feel by digitally painting on my Cintiq I am utilizing the tools and technology to create and share the piece in the digital environment, where as a traditional painting or drawing is either scanned or photographed to be transferred into the digital realm and often altering the experience with the art. Bringing digital painting into the physical realm is executed by following the path of photography, its all about the prints. Printing technology has developed ways to reproduce digital artwork that is accurate, archival and can be applied to a variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums.

The evolution of my fine art foundation into a contemporary digital art technique has not resulted in a unique perspective, but one in sync with our digital world.


Bachelor of Arts

Maryland Institute College of Art

Baltimore, MD


Over 15 years of freelance graphic design experience.